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Big Sneaker Multinational Company has an Asian manufacturing facility which would be regarded as a "sweat-shop," where young, teen-age girls are exploited, working for poor wages and with minimal safety precautions, as well as some of the girls being sexually harassed by managers in the making of sneakers. The company, however, is acting legally in Asia and, moreover, produces a lot of money for the Asian and U.S. economies, the company's shareholders and distributors and retailers; and furthermore the U.S. consumer gets a very good product at a reasonable price. The Asian girls have some type of a job, at least. Under these circumstances, Kant based on his Categorical Imperative would say: a. If those type of working conditions are considered to be normal and the customary practice in Asian societies then the facility is a moral one. b. If the facility produces the greater good for U.S. and the Asian society then it is a moral one despite some suffering by the employees. c. If the facility produces overall good for the company, despite a little bad publicity which the "PR people" can handle, then it is moral. d. If the working conditions at the facility are not improved and if the sexual harassment of the girls is not stopped, the facility is an immoral one as it fails the Kingdom of Ends and Agent/Receiver tests. 

Reference no: EM13776920

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