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For the past years, Saveo has obtained its best employees from private employment agencies. now that it has three additional jobs to fill, it will probably continue to use

a. a skills inventory

b. external recruiting

c. internal recruiting

d. vestibule selection

e. external replacement

Reference no: EM13951785

Accept the loan with the lower effective annual rate

Base decisions regarding investments on effective rates and base decisions regarding loans on annual percentage rates. Ignore the effective rates and concentrate on the annual

Processes claims for medical flexible spending accounts

Your organization processes claims for medical flexible spending accounts (where employees of an organization pay pre-tax money into an account that can be used to pay medical

Price of this bond if the market yield rises

A 12-year, 5 percent coupon bond pays interest annually. The bond has a face value of $1,000. What is the percentage change in the price of this bond if the market yield rises

How do you explain rates of return to your cousin

Your cousin Dean is interested in investing $10,000 that he won at the dog track in one of two company’s common stock company A and company B. Data on the most recent Friday w

With all distributions in the form of dividends

Davis Inc. expects to have net income of $5,000,000 during the next year. Plato's target capital structure is 40% debt and 60% equity. The company has determined that the opti

What is minimum expected annual return for stock

In order to fund her retirement, Michele requires a portfolio with and expected return of 0.11 per year over the next 30 years. She has decided to invest in Stocks 1, 2, and 3

What is the after tax cash flow

Rocky Top, Inc. purchased some welding equipment six years ago at a cost of $579,000. Today, the company is selling this equipment for $110,000. The tax rate is 35 percent. Wh

Considering job offer

You are considering a job offer. The job offers an annual salary of $52,000, $55,000, and $60,000 a year for the next three years, respectively. The offer also includes a star


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