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Benefits of web sites for small business


You are to select 1 business that does not already have a Web site, and develop an Internet strategy for it. Most large corporations already have Web sites, so you may have to think of something on a smaller scale such as a local bike store. Sole proprietorship businesses that provide services like car repair, house cleaning, tax preparation, and that use the Internet and similar services are also good options. You will also consider and describe how the business that you select can use social media to achieve its objectives. Use the Internet and the library to research and analyze markets and competitors.

After selecting a business, you will need to answer the following questions:


What Internet business model would be appropriate for the company to follow in creating a Web site and why?

In what ways can the business benefit from a Web site? What functions should it perform for the company (e.g., marketing, sales, customer support,

internal communications, etc.)?

In what other ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit?

Prepare functional specifications for the company's use of the Web and the Internet. Include links to and from other sites in your design.

Prepare a list of technological specifications for implementation (e.g., what hardware and software are necessary to support your design)?

Please submit your assignment.

Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following:

Title page:

Remember the running head. The title should be in all capitals.

Abstract: A summary of your paper, not an introduction. Begin writing in third-person voice.

Body: The body of your paper begins on the page following the title page and abstract page and must be double-spaced (be careful not to triple- or quadruple-space between paragraphs). The type face should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics except as required for APA-level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 2-3 pages. In-body academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.
Reference page: References that align with your in-body academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper.

The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hang indention, italics, and upper- and lowercase usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the Reference Page is not a bibliography but a further listing of the abbreviated in-body citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in-body citation.

Reference no: EM13778676

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