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Describe both the benefits and drawbacks associated with environmental management programs and practices that go beyond compliance or are over compliance. Based on both these positives and negatives, what would you suggest to management with regard to your organization's environmental management practices and policies?

Provide several paragraphs and cite sources.

Reference no: EM131350364

Holiday Inns Development

Dave Collins, President of Holiday Inns Development (HID), sits down at the conference table with his management team members, Karen Seitz, Tony Briggs, Dave King, and Art Joh

Intrapreneurs need better emotional intelligence skills

Do you believe that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs need better emotional intelligence skills than a non-entrepreneurial person? How critical are self-awareness and relationsh

Were those promises legally enforceable promises

Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? Were those promises legally enforceable promises? Why or why not? Should there be more government regulation and standardization of co

What is the optimal order quantity

Guy's BBQ Grille in Saskatoon serves 5,000 steaks per year. The steaks are kept in a freezer. The holding cost for each steak is $1.50. The cost to place an order is $45. T

Mandatory arbitration agreements in employment relationship

Which of the following is true of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? After the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) completes its investigation in an employm

Employees the choice between private insurance company plan

MTOP Inc. offers its employees the choice between a private insurance company plan (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), an HMO, and a POS. Ronald needs to review the packet and make a de

How does the systems theory approach work in the zoo story

In the past, trainers had controlled the elephants’ behavior by establishing a dominance over the animals that could, when it was deemed necessary, include physical discipline

Leadership qualities-ability-enthusiasm and stability

Describe the following leadership qualities: ability, enthusiasm, stability, and concern for others. (II) Use examples from our book to provide the details of how each quality


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