Benefits and risks associated with your self-disclosure

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Instructions: Describe TWO conflict rituals in ONE of your important relationships. One of your examples should consist of a positive ritual and the other of one that generates unsatisfying/negative results. For EACH example, explain:


a. A subject that is likely to trigger the conflict (e.g. money, affection, responsibilities, leisure time):

b. The behaviour of one partner that initiates the ritual:

c. The series of responses by both partners that follow the initiating event:

d. How the ritual ends:

e. How satisfied you are with the results:


a. A subject that is likely to trigger the conflict (e.g. money, affection, responsibilities, leisure time):

b. The behaviour of one partner that initiates the ritual:

c. The series of responses by both partners that follow the initiating event:

d. How the ritual ends:

e. How satisfied you are with the results:


a. Based on your description, explain an alternative to the unsatisfying ritual and describe how you might be able to change the way you manage the conflict in a more satisfying way.

b. Speak to the person about this activity. How does s/he feel about the two types of conflict you discussed?

c. Does s/he accept responsibility for their actions and responses during the conflict?

d. What are his/her own defined conflict rituals?

e. Tell us about your conversation. Was it difficult to initiate?

f. Do you feel that your style of dealing with conflict will be affected as a result of this exercise? In what ways?


Instructions: Thoroughly answer the following TEN questions based on your knowledge and experiences with self-disclosure. Take time to reflect on your experiences and be descriptive with your responses. Include terminology and theory from the text to support your responses and demonstrate knowledge of the concept.

1. In your own words, define self-disclosure.

2. Whom do you self-disclose to regularly? Describe why you disclose to these individuals.

3. Explain the reasons why you self-disclose to others.

4. Explain the reasons why don't you self-disclose to others.

5. Describe an experience when you have misjudged whether or not to self-disclose to someone. How did this impact your relationship?

6. Describe the benefits and risks associated with your self-disclosure.

7. How long do you think about what you want to self-disclose to others? Why?

8. Has self-disclosure of any type or degree ever altered a one of your close relationships? Describe.

9. Discuss how the internet/social media affects your involvement with self-disclosure. Do you disclose more or less? Do others? How do you feel about this type of self-disclosure?

10. Has a stranger ever self-disclosed personal information to you? When and where did this happen? How did you feel? Why would someone do this?


Purpose: To expand your skill at expressing emotions appropriately.

Instructions: Identify and examine one of your own communication interactions in which you felt dissatisfied. Then apply theories you've learned to possibly improve your techniques.

1. a. Describe a situation in which you wish you had expressed your emotions more appropriately/effectively.

b. Describe the context. What was happening at the time?

c. What were your feelings?

d. How did you express your emotions at the time? What did you say or do?

e. Why was the way you expressed your emotions inappropriate or ineffective?

2. Did any of the influences on emotional expression (e.g. culture, gender, social convention) affect your ability to express your emotions more appropriately in this situation? Which influences? Explain why you think this is the case.

3. How would you change the way you verbally expressed your emotions to bring it in line with the guidelines for expressing emotions? What would you say differently and why? Is there someone else to whom you should be communicating your emotions? If so to whom? What would you say to this person? When? Where? Why?

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Reference no: EM131126728

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