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High-performance aircraft increasingly feature electronics that assist flight crews in performing their duties and reducing their fatigue. While these electronic devices improve aircraft performance, they also add greatly to the thermal load that must be managed within the aircraft. Cooling technologies currently used on aircraft are approaching their limits and other means are being considered, including vapor-compression refrigeration systems. However, unlike cooling systems used on earth, systems employed on aircraft must meet rapidly changing conditions. For instance, as onboard electronic devices switch on and off, the energy they emit by heat transfer alters the thermal load; additionally, the temperature of the air outside the aircraft into which such waste heat is discarded changes with altitude and flight speed. Accordingly, for vapor-compression systems to be practical for aircraft use, engineers must determine if the systems can quickly adapt to rapidly changing thermal loads and temperatures. The object of this project is to develop the preliminary design of a bench-top laboratory set-up with which to evaluate the performance of a vapor-compression refrigeration system subject to broadly variable thermal inputs and changing ambient conditions. Document your design in a report having at least three references.

Reference no: EM13949868

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