Basic social obrigations of a business organization

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What are the basic social obrigations of a business organization? Do those conflicts with profit objective of the business? Whats social audit? Analyse the mission and objectives of your own organization. Evaluate and write down to what extent does the organization follows social responsibility and objectives.

Reference no: EM131265289

Television manufacturing company

A television manufacturing company produces its own speakers, which are used in the production of its television sets. The television sets are assembled on a continuous prod

Research and analyse an example of a gsa contract

Research and analyze an example of a GSA contract. What are the specific details of your example that make it GSA compliant? Based on your analysis, are the requirements regar

Qualitative and quantitative risk analyses

Should a project manager alone identify potential risks for the project? Why or why not? Are both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses used on all projects? Why or why

Discuss standard methods for developing leaders in industry

Discuss standard Methods for developing leaders in this industry. Why are they important to your chosen organization? Describe strategies for how industry leaders balance comp

Impact of leadership on quality

What do you think the impact of leadership on quality is? From your own experience can you describe a situation where leadership behavior had a positive impact on quality? H

Percentage would the second poorest have to receive

If everyone in the United States were to consume an equal quantity of goods and services, what percentage of total income would the poorest 20 percent of households have to

Problem regarding the market research

Using whatever "market research" techniques you feel are appropriate, define a set of customer attributes for (a) purchasing books at your college bookstore, (b) a hotel roo

Did world bank and other international donor act responsible

Did the World Bank and other international donors act responsibly and ethically in constraining their humanitarian assistance? Who has the responsibility for the health care


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