Based on the factor endowments theory

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Based on the factor endowments theory which factor gains and which one loses from international trade.

Is it possible for a country to be worse off with international trade? If so, under what circumstance?

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Reference no: EM131112903

Japanese inflation rate

Suppose that on January 1, the price of one hundred yen was $0.80 and PPP held. Over the year, the Japanese inflation rate was 5 percent and the U.S. inflation rate was 10 p

What is the long-run equilibrium price of in this market

Your weekly costs to producing q units are given by the following equation: C(q)=7+10q+3.5q2 +q3. With this technology, AC is minimized at approximately q = 1.11. What is the

What is the optimum price for the cartel

A commodity market is characterized by the following equations: What are the competitive price and efficient quantity? What is the optimum price for the cartel? What is the pr

What is meant by the social construction of categories

What is meant by the "social construction of categories"? In what ways are concepts such as gender, race, sexual orientation, social class, and exceptionality social categorie

Firm is contemplating exporting high tech electronic goods

Your firm is contemplating exporting high tech electronic goods made in the USA  to France, Venezuela and Nigeria. Compare and contrast US export financing program with that o

How much would the economy funds provide increase

Assume which all other banks hold only the required amount of reserves. If Nan Bank Inc. decides to reduce its reserves to only the required amount, by how much would the ec

European central bank sets monetary policy for the eurozone

Greece is part of the “Eurozone” – 16 countries that each use the euro (€) as its currency. The European Central Bank (ECB) sets monetary policy for the Eurozone. The austerit

Calculate the prospective inflation free irr

A machine was purchased 4 years ago for $28,000. Its estimated life was 7 years with $0 salvage. Its market value today is $35,000. It is thought that its market value in 3 mo


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