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In a 250-300 word response, identify what techniques you can implement to improve the likelihood that your communications will be received and understood as you intended. Can you identify and reduce the likelihood of barriers interfering with the communication? Give examples. Use at least one resource to support your key points. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' posts with your response to some of the examples they offer along with any ideas or suggestions to improve communication.

Reference no: EM13742536

Explain how each was affected by the events

Explain how each was affected by the events. With power, urgency, and legitimacy in mind, what were possible effects of Enron’s corporate culture on stakeholders? All of the e

Understand ethical reasoning and apply ethical principles

What do humans need in order to understand ethical reasoning and apply ethical principles? What is ethics? Give an example of something ethical you would do. List and describe

Imagine that you are the chief operations officer

Imagine that you are the chief operations officer (COO) of You are interested in creating a competitive advantage for your company (compared to other online reta

The process of assessing the assignees probable success

Which term below refers to the process of assessing the assignees (and spouse's) probable success in handling a foreign transfer and alerting them issues the move may involve?

Primary regulatory issue confronting healthcare organization

What are some of the primary regulatory issues confronting healthcare organizations today? With the rapid increase of older adult population, do you think hospitals will conti

What is the core competency of the business

Look for articles related to operations and supply chain management online, in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times or Bloomberg Business. Provide a link or upload the ar

Leftover funds in the account that will be forfeited

Employees of the University are permitted to contribute a portion of their paychecks to a flexible spending account to cover healthcare expenses that are not covered by their

Global supply chain management simulation demonstrated

The Global Supply Chain Management simulation demonstrated the challenge of deriving a useable demand forecast. Given these challenges, some might ask: “Why bother?” How can a


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