Audits of financial statements are designed to determine

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Audits of financial statements are designed to determine whether account balances are materially correct. Assume that your client is a manufacturing company that has the following assets on its balance sheet

Machinery: $1,278,000
Accumulated depreciation: $386,000
Leased equipment: $550,000

a. Describe a substantive audit procedure that can be used to determine that all leased equipment that should have been capitalized during the year was actually capitalized.
Please refer to the knowledge from intermediate accounting and the requirements of an audit working paper to design a template audit working paper that can be used to examine whether a leased equipment should have been capitalized or treated as lease expense

b. The machinery account shows that the company retire approximately $400,000 of old machinery this year. Identify a substantive audit procedure that will determine the machinery account was properly accounted for during the year

c. Assuming the auditor determines that the machinery were properly retired, what other information does the auditor need to know to have reasonable assurance that the machinery-net of depreciation-is properly reflected on the balance sheet?

d. How can an auditor determine that all the machinery and leased equipment on the account actually exist?

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Reference no: EM13492810

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