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Write an article for publication in a journal, Your article should inform a much broader audience of health professional than you could reach.You are required to write in a scholarly yet engaging style using harvard referencing.

Topic: the role of urinary Tract infection on falls rate among geriatric patients. word limit 3000 excluding reference list. headings to be covered: Criteria: extent of developed logical and coherent paper suitable for publication, articulates ideas and arguments clearly and fluently . Extent of literature background is presented and used to support and critique ideas Aim Background Design literature review method Results Discussion Conclussion Relivance to clinical practice. Resources for reference include:Driscoll j &Acquilina R,2011.writing for publication:A practicalsix step journal of orthopaedic and trauma nursing 15,41-46. Driscoll,j&Driscoll,A,2002, writing an article for publication: an open invitation ,journal of orthopaedic nursing. Happell B,2008, writing for publication:A practical guide,nursing standard.

Reference no: EM13937105

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