Attitudes and behavior of the team members

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Major Types of Leadership Behavior in Decision Groups

Task Function

Specific Objective

1. Process structuring

Guide and sequence discussion

2. Stimulating communication

Increase information exchange

3. Clarifying communication

Increase comprehension

4. Summarizing

Check on understanding and assess progress

5. Consensus testing

Check on agreement

Group Maintenance

Specific Objective

1. Gatekeeping

Increase and equalize participation

2. Harmonizing

Reduce tension and hostility

3. Supporting

Prevent withdrawal, reduce tension

4. Standard setting

Regulate behavior

5. Process analyzing

Discover and resolve process problems


Describe the leadership behaviors Ron used and their influence on the attitudes and behavior of the team members.

Compare this cross-functional project team to a self-managed operations team by identifying similarities and differences in the leadership roles.

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Reference no: EM131172437

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