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You are attempting to value a call option with an exercise price of $108 and 1 year to expiration. The underlying stock pays no dividends, its current price is $108, and you believe it has a 50% chance of increasing to $130 and a 50% chance of decreasing to $86. The risk-free rate of interest is 10%. Calculate the value of a put option with exercise price $108. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Reference no: EM13765681

What is the market price of a zero-coupon bond

FedEx is selling for $110 a share. A FedEx call option with one month until expiration and an exercise price of $126 sells for $2.40 while a put with the same strike and expir

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Stone got a 4% 30- year mortgage for $295,200. His bank sent him a statement to notify him of his new monthly PITI payment, $1809 ( $1409 for principal and interest, $308 for

Cost of sales without depreciation

Bruto's sales for year 2014 were $74889 thousands of dollars. For that year the cost of sales without depreciation was 78% the value of sales and depreciation was 7.333% the v

How much are the monthly payments on the loan

Becky Lewis financed the construction of a garage on her lot with 9.3% add-on interest home improvement loan from the Guaranteed Savings Bank. The total price of the garage wa

What will be the effect on cash flows of this sale

Suppose you sell a fixed asset for $110,000 when its book value is $130,000. If your company’s marginal tax rate is 35 percent, what will be the effect on cash flows of this s

Changes in the value of the euro relative to the dollar

A ski resort in Vail Colorado is relying on 30% of its anticipated 28,000 customers coming from Europe this winter. The resort's amenities and services are all dollar priced b

With interest credited to the account at end of each year

Suppose you deposit $5340 in a savings account that pays 4% annual interest, with interest credited to the account at the end of each year. How much money will be in the accou

Intrinsic value of deployment specialists stock

Deployment Specialists pays a current (annual) dividend of $1 and is expected to grow at 20% for two years and then at 3% thereafter. If the required return for Deployment Spe


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