At what price will you receive a margin call

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You buy 600 shares of stock at a price of $86 and an initial margin of 75 percent. If the maintenance margin is 40 percent, at what price will you receive a margin call?

Reference no: EM13274276

Use the npv technique and irr method to evaluate project

Net working capital will increase at a rate of $3,000,000 per year over the life of the project. Ridgewood has a 35 percent tax rate and a required rate of return of 9 perce

What is a ventures life cycle

What is a venture's life cycle? What are the various stages in the life cycle and what are the important activities in each stage? How can this concept be used in the financ

What are the basic types of financial ratios

What are the basic types of financial ratios and how can they be used during the life cycle of a business? For small business firms, who are the likely users of these ratios

What is the company cost of equity

Reliable Electric is a regulated public utility, and it is expected to provide steady growth of dividends of 6% per year for the indefinite future. Its last dividend was $5

What is its after-tax cost of debt

Micro Spinoffs, Inc., issued 10-year debt a year ago at par value with a coupon rate of 5%, paid annually. Today, the debt is selling at $1,210. If the firm's tax bracket is

How might lumpy capital investments and economies

Can someone help me with this discussion question? I've come up blank on the internet trying to find information. How might "lumpy" capital investments and economies of scal

What is the value of the shareholder equity account

At year end 2004, jordan company's balance sheet showed current assets = $800, fixed assets =$1500, intangible assets =$300, current liabilities =$600, and long term liabili

How sensitive is ocf to changes in quantity sold

straight-line depreciation to zero over the four-year life; zero salvage value; price = $22; variable costs = $12; fixed costs = $160,000; quantity sold = 82,000 units; tax


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