At what amount should lawrence company carry the parts

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Lawrence company ordered parts costing FC100,000 from a foreign supplier on May 12 when the spot rate was .20 per FC. A one-month forward contract was signed on that date to purchase FC 100,000 at a forward rate of .21. The forward contract is properly designated as a fair value hedge of the FC100,000 firm commitment. On June 12, when the company receieves the parts, the spot rate is .23. At what amount should Lawrence Company carry the parts inventory on its books?

Reference no: EM13144932

Contracted to supply traynor with top-quality trees

Walters, a grower of Christmas trees, contracted to supply Traynor with “top-quality trees.” When the shipment arrived and was inspected, Traynor discovered that some of the t

Prepare general journal entries to record given transactions

Prepare general journal entries to record the above transactions and the depreciation journal entries required at the end of each reporting period up to June 2014 (Narration

About the bank reconciliation

Rich Company's unadjusted book balance at October 31, 2014 is $5,750. The following information is available for the bank reconciliation. Outstanding checks, $1,400 Deposits i

Taxable income and the tax on the taxable income

Samuel, head of household with two dependents, has 2014 wages of $26,000, paid alimony of $3,000, has taxable interest income of $2,000, and a $12,000 0%/15%/20% net long-term

Losses will be added back to the negative taxable income

An individual taxpayer has negative taxable income for the year. In calculating the net operating loss created, which of the following expenses or losses will be added back to

Identify the major transactions processed

Identify the major transactions processed. Select a representative transaction and perform a walkthrough of the application to gain an understanding of processing and

Contractors for fencing-paving-lighting and landscaping

Conan Corporation purchased land and contracted with a developer to construct an office building. Conan Corporation also engaged other contractors for fencing, paving, lightin

Compute income from operations

Assume Adams Company has the following reported amounts: Sales revenue $510,000, Sales returns and allowances $15,000; Cost of goods sold $330,000, Operating expenses $110,0


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