At a lumber mill, workers were injured

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At a lumber mill, workers were injured when a band saw was knocked off of the pulleys by metal spikes driven into the trees. Local ecological activists had driven these metal spikes into the trees to make the lumber company stop logging in a specific area. In response, the company ran the trees past a scanner to look for metal. This prevented the men from being injured. So, the activists drilled holes in the live trees and poured concrete into them. The scanners could not pick up the concrete and men began getting hurt again.

Were the actions of the environmental activists ethical? Why or why not?

? To what extent have you been able to connect course material to your own life or life experiences? Has studying ethics influenced you to revise any of your own actions, values, or beliefs? Do you think that the philosophical study of ethics is valuable? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13713727

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