Astronomical telescope has objective lens with focal length

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An astronomical telescope has an objective lens with a focal length of 160 cm and an eyepiece lens with a focal length of 5 cm. What magnification does this telescope provide?

Reference no: EM13260714

Association cortez found in the temporal lobe

List the four major loves of the cerebral cortex and list alongside what primary cortex is found in each of these loves. List the 3 types of association Cortez found in the te

Records management presentation

You have been hired as the records manager for Happy Health Medical Clinic, a medium-sized, general practice about to start up business. Whereas this medical facility hopes to

Explain the role of research in social psychology

Define social psychology.Discuss how social psychology differs from other related disciplines (e.g., clinical psychology, general psychology, sociology).Explain the role of re

Theoretical approaches to metaphysics dualism

Four theoretical approaches to metaphysics dualism, materialism, idealism and alternative views are competing for the right that they are the correct metaphysical view.

What can one person do to make a difference on this issue

Consider the scope of what you have learned regarding your social issue. What insights have resonated? What inspiration have you drawn from examples in the Learning Resource

Reference to specific events and ideas

Think about why each empire conquered and occupied North America and South America and the “culture” they brought with them. The bottom line is—why has South America and North

What are the overall symptoms of schizophrenia

What are the overall symptoms of schizophrenia, and which of these symptoms might contribute most to violent behavior? Also, should an individual with schizophrenia who has

Electrical system for an aero turbine

State the factors, for the choice of electrical system for an aero turbine. Also draw the block diagram of VSCF wind electrical system. What are the advantages of VSCF wind


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