Assuming that the elasticity of demand is constant

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Katherine advertises to sell cookies for $4 a dozen. She sells 50 dozen, and decides that she can charge more. She raises the price to $6 a dozen and sells 40 dozen. What is the elasticity of demand? Assuming that the elasticity of demand is constant, how many would she sell if the price were $10 a box?

Reference no: EM131242498

Build a high-priced or moderately priced development

The Carter Construction Company (CCC) is trying to decide whether to build a high-priced or a moderately priced development in the Hagerstown area. Tim Carter, the CEO of the

The marginal revenue product of labor for electronics firm

The marginal revenue product of labor for an electronics firm is MRPL = 50 - L, where L = the number of workers. If the wage of electronics workers is $20 per worker, then how

Significance and meaning of quantitative easing

Discussion. Discuss the significance and meaning of quantitative easing in the context of the liquidity preference model (increase in the quantity of money supplied). Provid

Calculate the deadweight loss associated with externality

Suppose that demand for a product is Q=140-6P and supply is Q=2P-20. Furthermore, suppose that the marginal external damage of consuming this product is $4 per unit. Does it r

Excess funds from their customers checkable deposits

In recent years Sweep Programs have grown throughout the U.S. With this financial innovation, banks automatically sweep excess funds from their customers’ checkable deposits i

Firms short-run demand for labor downward-sloping

Recall that the Law of Demand states that demand curves are always downward-sloping. That is, people want to buy more of some good when its price is lower. Why is a firm’s sho

Analyze the effects of these factors on equilibrium price

clearly show on youre graph the old equlibrium price and quantity. Can you tell for certain whether the new equlibrium price will be higher or lower than the old equilibrium

Describe cost of the visit from the perspective of patient

A patient visits a clinic. He incurs $5 in travel costs and has a copayment of $25. The clinics total charge is $75. The clinic spends $10 to bill the insurance company for th


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