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1. Application of duration

a) Draw the price-ytm(i) graph for a 5% fixed-coupon bond that has 10 years to maturity (assuming annual coupon payments).

b) Calculate the duration for this bond if the interest rate is 3%.

c) What is the approximate percentage change in price if the interest rate rises to 5%? (calculate the price change using the duration approach)

d) What is the actual percentage change in price if the interest rate rises to 5%?

Reference no: EM132234784

Working capital and short-term financing

Determine the single greatest challenge to a small business' working capital. Identify at least two (2) methods this small business could use to address the identified chall

What is the invoice price

You purchase a bond with a coupon rate of 7 percent, semiannual coupons, and a clean price of $1,011. If the next coupon payment is due in four months, what is the invoice p

What is the book value per share

Dudley Hill Golf Club's market-to-book ratio is currently 2.8 times and the PE ratio is 6.90 times. Dudley Hill Golf Club's common stock is currently selling at $26.04 per s

One point reversal method and three point reversal method

Time and volume are not pictured on a point-and-figure chart.  - Explain why point-and-figure analysts might consider these two factors irrelevant to their analysis.

Annualised rate of return to the swiss investor

Suppose 6 months ago a Swiss investor bought a 6-month U.S. Treasury bill at a price of $9,708.74, with a maturity value of $10,000. The exchange rate at that time was 1.420

Decision to pursue an education in business or finance

Explain how you made the decision to pursue an education in Business or Finance. Include a summary of expenses related to that decision, such as: cost of tuition, cost of bo

Determine the value of a share of stock

Dividend Growth Model Under what two assumptions can we use the dividend growth model presented in the chapter to determine the value of a share of stock? Comment on the rea

Calculate the profitability index for a project

Will the headquarters of a franchise reject or accept a project for opening a new branch if the present value of its cash flow is $320,000 and the capital requested is $405,


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