Assume that the charge cooler incoming cooling water

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Assume that the charge cooler incoming cooling water is at 45 oC and its effectiveness is 80% and the air pressure loss in charge cooler is 10 kN/m2, calculate the air temperature and density at the outlet of the charge cooler. Estimate the % increase in air density due to charge cooler for this operating condition.

Reference no: EM13720690

Use the approximation equation for contact stress

A gear set has a module of 5mm, a 20° pressure angle, and a 24-tooth case-iron spur pinion driving a 48-tooth case-iron gear. The pinion is to rotate at 50 rev/min. What horse

Find the exergy fluxes including direction associated

In a refrigerator 1 kW is removed from the -10 degree C cold space and 1.3 kW is moved into the 30 degree C warm space. Find the exergy fluxes including direction associated

Run a fmea analysis and suggest the possible solution

The plate fin heat exchanger uses gaskets to separate oil and water paths. Since this unit is used in trucks, vibration should also be considered. Run a FMEA analysis and su

Problem regarding the work and heat transfer

Carbon dioxide (CO2) as an ideal gas executes a Carnot power cycle while operating between thermal reservoirs at 450 and 1008F. The pressures at the initial and final states

Does claimed performance violate principles of hermodynamics

A patent application describes a device that at steady state receives a heat transfer at the rate 1 kW at a temperature of 167°C and generates electricity. There are no othe

Calculate the resulting strain

A specimen of Aluminum having a rectangular cross section 10 mm x 12.7 mm is pulled in tension with 25,500 N forces, producing only elastic deformation. Calculate the resultin

Determine the minimum theoretical power

By removing energy by heat transfer from its freezer compartment at a rate of 1.25 kW, a refrigerator maintains the freezer at 2268C on a day when the temperature of the sur

Design a radial plate cam to move a translating roller

Camshaft ro = 200 rpm. Minimize the follower's peak velocity and determine the minimum prime circle radius that will give a maximum 25° pressure angle. Determine the min


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