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Create an initial response that addresses the following areas.

a. Evaluate how the video has strengthened or otherwise changed your views about differentiated instruction? Do you have a deeper understanding and appreciation for differentiated instruction now? Why/ Why not?

b. Analyze the benefits for both students and the teacher when instruction follows the UDL framework when compared to the practice of isolating learners and planning for specific modifications for individual students.

c. Discuss what you learned in the video about setting up a non-threatening learning environment that does not isolate students. For example, what connections can you make between this and what you observed when analyzing the lesson during Week Three and when evaluating the example or resource in the Week Four Discussion 1?

D.Q(2) 1 page only

This discussion is an opportunity to further demonstrate your ability to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to the design of instruction and assessment.

As you learned last week from reading Edyburn (2013) Chapter 5 and viewing the CAST (2010) video UDL at a glance, the three main principles supporting UDL are to Provide Multiple Means of (a) Representation (the "what of learning), (b) Action and Expression (the "how" of learning), and (c) Engagement (the "why" of learning). For this discussion you will review technology checkpoints as they relate to the three main principles of UDL. IT may be helpful to review the Week Three Instructor Guidance page where UDL is explored in the intellectual elaboration and to take time now to review your feedback from the Week Three assessments as well.

Then, to prepare for this discussion, read the Week Four Instructor Guidance and then visit the UDL guidelines - version 2.0: Examples and resources (2014) website. At the website, select the principle you have been assigned based on your last name using the list below. You will then choose one checkpoint from the principle you have been assigned to review.

• If your last name begins with A-J: Choose one checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Principle 1. Provide Multiple Means of Representation.

• If your last name begins with K-O: Choose one Checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Principle 2 Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression.

• If your last name begins with P-Z: Choose one checkpoint from any of the three guidelines from Principle 3 Provide Multiple Means of Engagement

Within the checkpoint there are several examples and/or resources that support the principle and checkpoint. Next, choose one example/resource that interests you to explore, interact with, and evaluate. You may also choose to consider examples geared toward the grade level you are currently teaching, have experience in, or intend to teach.

Initial Post: Create a Jing tutorial or other multimedia-based presentation with software such as to showcase the specific UDL checkpoint example selected. Include the link to your Jing tutorial or presentation featuring the example/resource selected as well as written responses to the discussion points below.

Your written response needs to be between one and two paragraphs in length. One of the ways to make your discussion engaging and effective is by including audio of your voice alongside a presentation of the information you have investigated.

You can talk through these points during your tutorial. Keep in mind, the maximum length of a Jing video is five minutes so it will help to create a presentation in PowerPoint first that is five slides long with each slide covering one of the five points below. If for some reason you are unable to complete this discussion using the recommended technology, please contact your instructor for an alternative way to respond.
a. State the principle and checkpoint (number and description) analyzed.

b. Describe the specific example or resource selected (title given), the age group intended for, and the content area it covers.

c. Describe the example/resource explored explaining how it works

d. Address each of the "Key Considerationscheckpoint.

e. Share an idea you have for how this resource might be used effectively during instruction or assessment opportunities in your current classroom or your future practice.

Reference no: EM13780707

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