Assignment- creating an alcohol use timeline

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Assignment: Creating an Alcohol Use Timeline


Timelines have several things going for them. They provide a structure on which you can overlay information. Whether your timeline is horizontal, vertical, spiral, or circular, think of your timeline as the framework for the content you want to share. Since your content consists of a progression of alcohol use, see if you can creatively work it into this type of format. Another ideal feature of timelines is that by their nature, they chunk information. Because events on a timeline occur at a point in time, or during a segment of time, you're creating in an environment where a lot of information can be shared in a limited space. Chunk away!


Using a Microsoft Word Table or Excel Spreadsheet, develop a timeline that covers the History of Alcohol from events beginning in 1850 and ending in 1933. Once complete, build a four (4) slide PowerPoint presentation which summarizes any era in the timeline that you find interesting (i.e., distillation, drunkenness, fermentation, etc.).

Reference no: EM13901454

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