Assess the responsibility of individual smokers for the harm

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Assignment: Beliefs and Attitudes about "Light" Cigarettes

Preparation: First, read or reread the single page "Here and Now" reading on Canvas. Next, reador reread the article "Smokers' Beliefs about ‘Light' and ‘Ultra Light' Cigarettes" (also available on Canvas). The article "Carcinogen Exposure..." may assist with this assignment as well but is not required reading.

Your Assignment:

In no fewer than 750 but no more than 1,250 words, assess the responsibility of each of the following three groups of people for the harm caused by smoking light and ultra light cigarettes. In your essay, rank the three groups in order from most responsible to least responsible, and justify your position.

- Tobacco companies/"big tobacco"
- Individual smokers
- Government/regulatory agencies

What You Need to Submit:

Your submission should consist of a single essay that addresses all three categories. You don't have to provide a formal references section (I know the documents that you'll be citing), but if you quote the assigned readings, you need to indicate which quotes are from which document somehow (i.e., use MLA, APA, AMA, or another in-text citation format).

Reference no: EM13874244

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