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One of the most important aspects to law enforcement management is the anticipation of the resources required to perform police functions effectively. Manpower needs must be weighed, facilities and equipment purchased, and deployment and scheduling adjusted based upon the needs presented by the nature and scope of criminal activity on a local or national level. One of the best tools to assist in this regard is the compilation of data reflecting trends of criminal activity. 

Please answer the following questions and requirement to write your 4–6 page paper. As you answer each question you must provide support or evidence that will enhance and empirically prove your answers. Academic criminal justice articles or real life criminal justice findings that are not found in journals or other academic sources must be used in supporting your answers. Please use APA style for all cited sources including your resource page.

Select a city, town, or municipality and examine trends in criminal activity over the last 3 years. Analyze reported crime statistics for major/minor offense categories such as murder, robbery, rape, and create a table of the results.
What are the overall patterns of crime that you see in the selected town or city? What are the surprises and usual results in the data that you analyzed?
If you were in charge of obtaining manpower with a budget that will permit you to hire eight officers, which include investigative personnel and administrative personnel, which crime units would be given priority to add manpower according to your data? Why?
Provide 3 recommendations that present the need or cut of manpower numbers according to the crime statistics you obtained and analyzed that will make the police department decisively more efficient by drops of crime rates in the worst crimes presented by your data.
As an ending opinion, what are the career options that you see in this case that interest you? Why?

Reference no: EM13219013


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