As medical technology continues to develop

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As medical technology continues to develop, will the marginal productivity of each additional dollar spent on it increase or decrease? What about the average productivity per dollar spent on medical care?

Reference no: EM131391955

Who is responsible for setting-implementing monetary policy

What would happen if no one tried to manage the business cycle? What role do you see for the Executive Branch of the U.S. government in managing the business cycle? How does f

Poor category to the middle class category

Suppose that all growth occurs by moving people from the poor category to the middle class category. Will the savings rate rise over time or fall? Using the Harrod-Domar mod

Supply management fit into methods for calculating gdp

GDP matters. Investors and business leaders are always anxious to get the latest numbers. When the Bureau of Economic Analysis releases its first estimate of each quarter's GD

Economic behavior could affect its physical context

Describe three situations in which economic behavior could affect its physical context and three ways in which economic behavior could affect its social context. How might the

Alcoholic beverage advertising should be banned

Do you believe that all Alcoholic Beverage advertising should be banned? What concepts of Moral Philosophy and Social Responsibility are involved in your answer? Why is it tha

What monthly payment should be made

A total of $50,000 is borrowed and repaid with 60 monthly payments, with the first payment occurring one month after receipt of the $50,000. The stated interest rate is 6% com

Type of exchange-rate system

Explain how the Lourve Accord represented a type of exchange-rate system. What is the principal responsibility of a currency board? What are the three main restrictions on a c

Reserves-required reserves and excess reserves

Suppose that Best National Bank currently has $50,000 in demand deposits and $32,500 in outstanding loans. The Federal Reserve has set the reserve requirement at 10%. Reserves


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