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For this assignment, you will articulate your personal clinical focus (or PCF) of the systemic family therapy model of parent- child interaction for the course. You will also complete the PCF worksheet (attached) describing your PCF for course, which centers on a specific presenting problem (relationship conflict). Throughout the rest of this course, you will prepare an evidence-based practice guide to treat clients reporting this presenting problem.

Please remember that your presenting problem must be congruent with your specialization (systemic family therapy model of parent- child interaction). You should also seek to locate any treatment studies or scholarly resources for treating this presenting problem based on the Marriage and Family Therapy clinical theories (e.g., Are there any outcome studies or case examples for this problem using the theory you are currently identifying with?).

Length of assignment: 2-3 pages and the presenting problem worksheet. Both with at least four resources.

Using the boxes below, please describe your personal clinical focus of the systemic family therapy model of parent- child interaction, which centers on a specific presenting problem. Imagine that you are preparing a fact sheet on this disorder for new clinicians. You should use and cite peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly clinical books (e.g., the DSM-5), or reputable mental health websites (e.g, or

to support the claims you make below (and then include these sources in correct APA format on the reference list at the end of the document). Include at least four references.

My Personal Clinical Focus

I. Briefly describe this presenting problem. Please also explain why you are interested in learning more about this presenting problem and make clear how it is relational/systemic (therefore relevant to MFT) and congruent with your specialization (if you have declared a specialization in the program).

II. Summarize the prevalence/incidence of this problem (i.e., how many people experience it?)

III. What are the most common symptoms/issues associated with this problem?

IV. Paint a picture of who experiences this presenting problem? Describe variability related to biological sex, gender identity, age, race/ethnicity, SES and any other relevant demographic variables (e.g., religion, country of origin, sexual orientation).

V. Discuss the clinical significance of this presenting problem. In other words, why should we be concerned about this issue? What are the consequences for individuals, couples/families, and society if this presenting problem is not treated?

VI. Describe how you envision those experiencing this presenting problem might enter therapy (e.g., would they come as a couple or a family, would one person come alone, would one family member "drag" another family member in?). Explain whether those with this presenting problem would commonly be referred by certain referral sources (e.g., their school, the court system, a health care provider).

Reference no: EM131405909

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