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Prepare a "Technical Report & also a Presentation Paper".

Two Tasks Required to

Q1: 1)-Write a Technical Report of (5-8 pages), based on IEEE paper format.

2)-For the same paper, make a Presentation File of 5-10 Slides (based on the main Technical Report

Q2: 1)-Write a Technical Report of (5-8 pages), based on IEEE paper format(file attached).

2)-For the same paper, make a Presentation File of 5-10 Slides (based on the main Technical Report.

Project - Wiring Standards for Photovoltaic (PV) Installations (USA Standards ONLY)

The project will have an extensive review of current USA standards for dc and ac wiring of PV systems.

These standards usually involve requirements for wire or cable sizing, protection devices, anti-islanding, and others. Standards in USA for both residential and large-scale (solar farms) PV systems should be addressed.

Description and Deliverables

The project is intended to deepen your understanding in a specific area of solar PV energy conversion, and as a research training process.

Graduate students are expected to perform a project that is more simulation and experiment oriented than undergraduates who are expected to perform a simpler literature review or basic comparison type of project. Undergraduates are welcome to choose a more challenging project topic if they are interested.

You are welcome to propose project ideas outside the list given here, but these will need the instructor consent. All projects are individual.

The quality of the final project for graduate students should be that of a draft IEEE conference paper (Check IEEE Xplore for samples). Students are welcome to have separate discussions from office hours to pursue further research in their project topic.

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Reference no: EM13885785

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