Are your households resources allocated fairly

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Start with your factors of production on page 34 and then briefly describe whether these resources were allocated efficiently. Think about how you can check whether marginal benefit equals marginal cost for each of your household’s activities. Are your household’s resources allocated fairly? Think about the two ideas of fairness and how they apply in your household.

Reference no: EM13853434

Autonomous decrease yields a new PAE expression

If an autonomous decrease yields a new PAE expression, PAE = 195 + 0.6Y, find equilibrium and graph it on a Keynesian cross diagram and find the multipler. Please explain.

Independent projects are available for a secret government

Three independent projects are available for a secret government agency. The estimated costs associated with each alternative are given below. Use the conventional B-C ratio m

Treasury bonds and the dollar exchange rate with euro

With QEs being conducted by European and Asian central banks, explain what effect a U.S. policy of increasing interest rates will have on prices of U.S. stocks and Treasury bo

What is capitalized cost of the alternative

annual cost of $10,000, and a salvage value of $5,000 after its 10 year life. At an interest rate of 10% per year, what is the capitalized cost of the alternative?

Different production curves are presented

This focuses on the relationship between inputs and output. Different production curves are presented. But the intensity of current global competition often requires managers

The demand for money decreases with decrease

According to both Keynes and Friedman, the demand for money decreases with a decrease in a) permanent income. b) the interest rate. c) the spread between the interest rates on

Firms buy their most important inputs

In certain industries, firms buy their most important inputs in markets that are close to perfectly competitive and sell their output in imperfectly competitive markets. Cite

Inverse relationship between bond prices and yields

There is an inverse relationship between bond prices and yields. This inverse relationship will be demonstrated by calculating bond prices to show that interest rates move inv


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