Are the fictional incidents realistic and plausible

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Part 1:

Write a 2-3 page evaluation of the quality improvement program that you have created. This should be the annual summary of the hypothetical data. Make sure your hypothetical data are credible.

Part 2:

As you may recall from Week 1, your Course Project was to prepare a total quality improvement program, with a focus on one high-risk area.

Continuous quality improvement covers many areas. Throughout the course, you have learned about the attributes that constitute a quality improvement team and what questions this team attempts to answer. The assignments toward this project that you completed each week can now be assembled into a single instructional document.

Make necessary adjustments to your document so that each segment flows smoothly into the next. Evaluate your project using the criteria given below.

Are the indicators and their measurements appropriate to the high-risk area? Do the indicators capture the risk?

Are the fictional incidents realistic and plausible?

Is the filled chart consistent with the fictional incident?

Is the plan of correction feasible? Will it prevent the occurrence of the incident in future?

How do you know the plan worked? What measures will you use to identify effectiveness?

Reference no: EM131201346

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