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Instructions for Preparation of Assignment:

1. You are to choose one management accounting topic from the list below for this assignment, and register your chosen topic with your lecturer in class or via email before commencing the assignment.

2. Select one topic only:
• Activity-based costing (ABC)
• Budgeting
• Standard Costing

3. Select two research-based journal articles relating to your selected topic in (1). The journal articles need to study a real-life organisation (in any country), and its use of the management accounting tool related to your topic.

You are encouraged to choose the two journal articles from the following Accounting and Management Accounting Journals:
• Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
• Journal of Management Accounting Research
• Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research

Assignment Requirements:

You are required to prepare a report about your findings from the literature research, and discuss how it has helped your understanding of your chosen topic. The report should cover the following:

a. An explanation of the selected management accounting topic.
b. An explanation of the purpose of the two studies and what research question(s) they set out to explore about the topic.
c. A discussion about the similarities and differences in the findings of the two studies.
d. Provide four (4) specific outcomes or lessons learned from the two studies' research findings that will be useful for management accountants in Australian companies to learn from, and justify your answer [i.e. provide 2 outcomes from each study].

Attachment:- Individual Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM132233692

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