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Create a Java console application to demonstrate a banking application prototype. Create 2 classes named Bank and Bank Client. Bank class will have 3 methods "Withdraw", "Deposit", "CheckInfo".

The client class will create 5 objects for 5 users. Each object will initialize the following values as soon as the objects are instantiated. - user name - password - initial balance - first name - last name - account type

The application must start with a login screen prompting the user to enter user name and password, the user information must be displayed based on the matched username and password. The next screen will display the option menu for withdraw, deposit, check information, logout, and exit. Each option will perform it's corresponding task. If the user selects the option to logout the application will display the login screen again.

Since the appliation does not connect to the database, all values will be hard coded in the program. Make sure that all data members are private to the class and member functions are public.

Reference no: EM13249943

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