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Project Proposal

Select and write a project proposal, with this selection make sure these 6 criteria are emphasized:

1. Application of knowledge of engineering management, concepts and perspectives.
2. Data collection, Analysis and interpretation.
3. Contribution to problem in focus.
4. Contribution to engineering management.
5. Sufficient scope
6. Completion within time frame.

Ensure to provide a preliminary description of the project in explicit terms with focused thinking and direction for the project and provide a mechanism in getting the project approved.

Ensure these 7 essential elements of the proposal are included:

a) Executive Summary (with a concise overview)
b) Background/Introduction (that sets the content)
c) Problem Issue/Statement (Project Focus)
d) Proposal Approach (Plan of attack)
e) Project Expectations (Contributions and benefits)
f) Project Evaluation (General Assessment)
g) References

Project Final

Prepare a project final reporting the design, execution, results and implications of the project and highlight these 6 attributes or elements for the final report:

i. Administrative front matter (Cover and table of content)

ii. Background/Introduction (Setting the content of the final report)

iii. Project Definition (Problem Definition)

iv. Project Approach (Execution)

v. Project Results (Implications and results, may include charts or tables)

vi. Back Matter (References and appendices)

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