Application of attribution theory
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Application of Theories/Attribution Theory is one of the hallmarks within the field of social cognition. Theories such as Heider's Naive Psychology Theory, Jones and Davis' Correspondent Inference Theory, and Kelley's Covariation Model provide seminal contributions to this field. Although these theories differ in level of complexity and detail, all attempt to provide a consistent explanation why humans behave as they do.

Vignette #1: Molly, 62-year-old Caucasian American Female

Molly exited her doctor's office and promptly lit a cigarette. In doing so, she missed her bus and would have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the next one. She thought about Dr. Wilson, her primary care physician, who was not too concerned about her smoking. Then, she thought about Dr. Smith, her cardiologist, who had clearly stated that she needs to stop smoking. Waiting for the next bus was no problem for Molly; she could enjoy a second cigarette.

Consider two attribution theories and analyze the constructs of each theory.

Apply the key constructs of the theories to the vignette, and analyze how the theory may explain what occurred.

Analysis your academic comparison (such-as social psychology comparison), and also elaborate on the vignette, including how the person might behave if he or she was in a different situation or setting.

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