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A company covered by Title VII advertised for a position of sales associate. The company hired three people: Jane, white female, age 38; Charlie, age 44, black male, Lin, a Chinese female, age 25. Garza, a Hispanic male, aged 47 had applied for the job but was not selected. Later he found out that 6 Hispanics including himself had applied for the job (gender of the six other than himself unknown) and none was hired. He also gathered informally that 3 Blacks, 5 Whites, and 2 Asians had applied for the job out of which the above three were hired. He feels that the company has discriminated but being unaware of the EEO laws has sought your guidance. He wants to know if there is any evidence of discrimination on the basis of any of the prohibited categories and if so, can he filed an EEOC complaint. Discuss if the company practiced discrimination based on any of the prohibited categories with a justification.

Reference no: EM131279449

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