Any firms are using psychological pricing

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The question ask to look through a local newspaper or any direct mail marketing pieces you can locate. To note prices any different types of products.

AND THEN Determine if any firms are using psychological pricing. Also, determine if competing firms use the same pricing policies. Describe your findings.

Reference no: EM131005101

Affect the demand for health care services

The health care consulting group where you are employed has secured a contract with a health insurance company. One of the key challenges confronting the health insurance comp

Decide to raise the minimum wage

Provide a graphical example of what could potentially happen to the number of people employed in an economy if the government were to decide to raise the minimum wage; in addi

Keep labor from falling into the poverty trap

Explain how you would create a government program that would give an incentive for labor to increase hours and keep labor from falling into the poverty trap. To reduce income

Other policy alternatives such as gasoline tax

The state and local government heavily subsidizes MARTA in an attempt to keep the costs of ridership low. Provide an economic argument as to why the government would want to p

Individual components of the money supply

The terms below are measures or individual components of the money supply. Specifically considering the money supply of the United States, rank these items from largest to sma

How may it fail to hold in a monetary economy

What is Say’s Law? How may it fail to hold in a monetary economy? B. Explain how deficit spending may increase national output in a setting of flagging private investment. How

Change in premiums for the existing policy holders

Suppose that the insurance company would set the premium by imposing a zero profit restriction. That is, the premium would be set to be (1+L)EB, where L is the loading factor

Competitive price-taker firm that is currently producing

Alpha Company is a competitive price-taker firm that is currently producing 100 units of output (Q=100). At the current level of production, the firm has Marginal Revenue of (


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