Anthropology that studies diversity of human behavior

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PART ONE: Answer these questions with a word or phrase (1 point each)

1. The subfield of anthropology that studies diversity of human behavior in the past is called _________________.

2. The anthropological term for the process of acquiring your own culture, ordinarily as a child, is _____________________.

3. The key fieldwork method in cultural anthropology—living with and like another society—is called ___________________.

4. The situation in which racial/ethnic groups are permitted to live in the same society without losing their cultural characteristics is _______.

5. The first hominid species to make stone (Oldowan) tools has been named _______________________.

6. The man who first defined culture, as “that complex whole,” was ______________________.

7. The two men who essentially invented modern anthropology around the year 1900 were _________________ and ______________.

8. The 19th century practice of measuring human bodies to try to prove the differences between the races was called ___________________.

9. One of the three factors in the 19th century that promoted anthropological awareness was ______________________________________.

10. All of the meanings that are conveyed by a particular word (like “to know”) are referred to as the word’s ______________________.

Reference no: EM13514398

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