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• Council for Children With Behavioral Disorders

Behavior Disorders
Beyond Behavior
• IRIS Center
• Positive Behavioral Support
• National Alliance on Mental Illness


• What are the points of agreement and disagreement between the definition of emotional disturbance in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the definition of emotional or behavioral disorders by the Council for Children with Behavior Disorders?

• Whose disability is more severe: the acting-out, antisocial child or the withdrawn child?

• What factors might account for the disparity between the number of children receiving special education under the emotional disturbance category and researchers' estimates of the prevalence of emotional or behavioral disorders?

• How can research findings about the cumulative interplay of risk factors for behavior problems in adolescence and adulthood guide the development and implementation of prevention programs?

• Although screening and assessment tools for emotional or behavioral disorders are becoming increasingly sophisticated and efficient, schools seldom use them. Why?

• What are the most important skills for teachers of students with emotional or behavioral disorders?

• Why might the inclusion of children with emotional or behavioral disorders in general education classrooms be more (or less) intensely debated than the inclusion of children with other disabilities?

• What are the largest current impediments to children with emotional or behavioral disorders receiving the most effective education possible?

Reference no: EM131123457

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