Annualized percentage rate of the mortgage obtained
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Suppose a mid-sized regional bank has $1 million dollars which it is considering investing either in 30 year zero coupon Treasury bond or in a jumbo 30 year fixed rate residential mortgage with fixed monthly payments of $5650

Assume that the treasury bonds are currently priced to yield 4% if held until maturity. Assume that the bank requires a premium of 150 basis points in the mortgage's annualized yield over Treasury bond yields before it will lend in the residential mortgage market

A) Write down the present value equations that the bank would use to determine the annualized percentage yield on the residential mortgage. (Wherever possible, plug data from the above problem into the equations... you need not actually solve the equations)

B) How will the bank use the information on the annualized percentage rate of the mortgage obtained in part (a) when deciding whether to invest in the T-Bonds or whether to make the residential mortgage?

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