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The main purpose of this project is to identify an OM (Operations Management) problem, analyze the problem, and present the results in a written form.

The use of any software such as Excel is strongly recommended.

A. Identification of an OM Problem

You should find an interesting OM problem from the real business world. The meaning of an OM problem will become clearer as you study in this course. But, an OM problem may involve either operational decision-making (e.g., inventory decision, capacity decision) or process design/improvement (e.g., redesigning a process to reduce throughput time or increase capacity).

You can find a problem from your own work or from any business article/case. Or, you can visit any business (e.g., a Chipotle store) to find a problem. You are also allowed to use a case from the textbook, although you may have some disadvantage in grade.

B. Analysis of the Problem

You should analyze the problem by applying some of the OM concepts and tools that you learned from this course. It is important to choose specific concepts/tools that are appropriate for your problem and apply them correctly.

If your problem is a decision-making problem, analysis of the problem may include defining decision variables and parameters for the decision-making and solving the problem using actual data. If actual data are not available, you should create realistic hypothetical data to show how the concepts/tools could be applied.

If your problem involves process design/improvement, analysis of the problem may include describing the process in details using actual information and analyzing what to improve and how to improve. If actual information is not available, you should create realistic hypothetical information.

In either case, you may discuss the expected results from implementing your solutions or recommendations. For example, you can discuss the expected cost/revenue impact or the expected improvement of performance. If you have alternative solutions, you can compare them by discussing their pros and cons to make final recommendations.

C. Presentation of the Results in a Written Form

You should write and submit a report. The report should be 8 - 10 pages in length with 1" margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font, excluding the cover page and any appendices. Figures and tables can be put in the body or appendix. If they are put in appendix, they will not be counted toward the 8-10 page limit. The cover page of the report should include course number ("SOM306"), title, team number, team leader and members with their seat numbers, and date of completion.

Reference no: EM13858358

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