Analyzing the reason you have become a good writer

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Write an essay analyzing the reason you have become a good writer or explaining why you are not as good as you would like to. Some factors to consider that may have influenced your writing ability.

1. Your family background: did you see people writing at home?Did your parents respect and value the ability to write?

2.Your school experience:Did you have good writing teachers?did you have a history of failure or success with writing? Was writing fun or was it a chore?

3. Social Influences: how did your school friends do at writing? What were your friends attitudes towards writing? Also important is a clear thesis and a clear final thought in the concluding paragraph. last but not least a Title for the essay. *FYI I would prefer a paper 'explaining why you are not as good of a writer as you would like to be'

Reference no: EM131001725

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