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Essay will require reviewing and analyzing the September 30, 1954 issue of Jet magazine


Your essay must explain how Jet magazine relates to the

(a) production and dissemination;

(b) controls and regulations; and the

(c) social and

(d) artistic textures of black popular culture.

(1) Summarize the general format of the magazine. In other words, describe how the magazine is arranged and organized. For example, does the magazine format include feature stories, etc.?

(2) Which group(s) of people would be interested in reading Jet? What might be the demographic-race and ethnicity; gender and sex; age; social class; education-background of these people?

(3) (a) In which sphere(s)-personal; local/urban/regional peripheral; national; national peripheral; national core; global peripheral-is Jet magazine produced, disseminated, and circulated? (b) Describe two production and dissemination variables and how they relate to Jet magazine.

(4) In what ways can Jet magazine and its cover page, articles, editorials, ads, letter to the editor columns, short stories, poems, photo features, comic art, and etc., be considered as a control and/or regulation-race and slavery; politics; economics; media; and technologies-on black popular culture and/or African Americans?

(5) Describe how one of the 58 American beliefs or values from the class materials is represented, symbolized, or embodied in this issue of Jet magazine.

Provide specific details from the magazine advertisements above to support your claim. (6) Describe how at least one black postwar belief-value-staying alive; having a good time/enjoying life; praising God; getting ahead; and advancing the race-is represented, symbolized, or embodied in this issue of Jet magazine. Provide specific details from the magazine advertisements above to support your claim.

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