Analyze your data about the efficiency of the compost pile
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Lab: Applying the Scientific Method



  • Determine the problem:  Consider the 4 ingredients necessary to make a compost and state a problem about making an efficient compost pile.


  • Make a hypothesis:  Make a testable prediction about how the efficiency of a compost pile would be affected by varying the ratio of green to brown material, the amount of water added, and the number of times a compost pile is turned (to supply oxygen).


  • Test your hypothesis:  Click and drag the Brown to Green Balance bar, the Water Concentration bar, and the Number of Turns bar to the position you want to test.  Click the Calendar.  Click the Table button and record the combinations you tested and the resulting Efficiency Meter reading.


  • Click the Reset button and test other combinations in the same way (at least 4).  Record your results in the Table.


  • Analyze your data:  Use the Table to analyze your data about the efficiency of the compost pile.


  • Draw a conclusion:  What combination of factors produces compost most efficiently, according to your results?

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