Analyze your behaviour by constructing a description
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Analyze your behaviour by constructing a description of yourself as a consumer.

Draw upon your consumption behaviour to describe yourself and connect it to the theoretical discussions by examining how some of the concepts you have learned in the course show up in your own behaviour such as, attitude, lifestyle and motivation.

Make sure to concentrate on the internal and external factors that affect your consumption i.e your personality, lifestyle, culture, household structure, etc.

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary: 2
Introduction: 2
Consumption and the internal and external factors: 2
Conclusion: 3
References: 5

Executive Summary:
This research will discuss about the dynamic model of the consumer behaviour and its world marketing issues being as a consumer. Research will also help in consumer analysis and understanding the issues related to the consumer behaviour which are encountered by a consumer in his day to day life activities. How the lifestyles and the psychology greatly influences the decision of the consumer. Internal and external factors that greatly influence the consumption behaviour and the decisions of the consumer are also evaluated in this research paper (Duffy, 2003).

A consumer is meant as the ultimate user of the services and products that are available in the market. The purchasing decisions of the consumer and the consumer behaviour mainly influence the strategies of the market as per the required needs of the consumer. Being a consumer my purchasing decision will depend on many of the factors such as the requirement of the product, decision of purchasing the product, evaluation of the alternatives for the product, information research, problem recognition, purchase and evaluation related to the post purchase.

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