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In the past two weeks, you analyzed two different TED speakers, providing a section-by-section breakdown of their performance. This week, you will select another TED video to analyze, with a specific focus on their organizational process Visit TED and watch several TED speakers.

Note that you can sort by topic, speaker, and a host of other criteria. You can watch any TED talk you wish-except for the one you watched for the Week 2 or Week 3 assignment. If you're looking a more concentrated list, you might also wish to visit this link, which highlights the 25 most popular TED talks of all time.

Building upon this week's lectures and reading, you will outline a talk given by someone else. As you do, think carefully and critically as an audience member. Try to identify clear introductory elements (attention-getter, thesis, credibility statement, preview, etc.), clear main points, transitions, and other devices of speech organization.

Reference no: EM132280689

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