Analyze the seven types of new religious movements
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Answer one of the following:

1. Outline the development of Islam from the death of Muhammad to the end of the Ottoman Empire. Discuss some of the factors that led to the eventual stagnation of Islam in comparison with the dynamic scientific and political developments of the modern West.

2. Examine, in detail, the set of religious observances known as the Five Pillars of Islam.

3. Describe, define, and analyze the seven types of new religious movements.

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Today here in this report we are going to discuss on an essential topic of five pillars of Islam and these are considered as set of religious observances. Before start discussion about five pillars of Islam, it will be better to discuss about basic information of Islam.

All Muslims believes that the true God of Jews and Christens revealed his words to prophet whose name was Mohammad and he was lived in historic land of Arabia.

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