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Use this textbook - Cummins, L. K., Byers, K. V., Pedrick, L. (01/2011). Policy Practice for Social Workers: New Strategies for a New Era, Updated Edition, 1st Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online].


For this assignment, you will be building on the problem definition developed in Module 4 and develop a policy proposal for advocacy and adoption. USE AFFORDABLE HOUSING


Create a 10- to 12-page policy proposal, utilizing a minimum of five scholarly sources in your research. Address the following in your proposal:

• State the social problem you wish to solve.

• Analyze the policy development cycle and the influence of stakeholders throughout the process.

• Discuss how the policy development cycle and the influence of stakeholders will be used to effect social change for your identified problem.

• As a human services professional, examine your role in policy advocacy and coalition building for improving human services.

• Describe all of the resources available to support your policy and how you would organize them.

• Identify the steps you will take, including the use of social media, to build a coalition around the policy, highlighting your role in the process.

• Determine a list of the different constituents you would engage to advance your policy goal.

• Define the specific policy action to be pursued.

Develop the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of the policy for society if adopted.

Reference no: EM13867839

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