Analyze the medias effect on terrorism

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1. Analyze the media's effect on terrorism. Speculate on the end result that each side (the media and the terrorist group) hopes to gain from the other. Assess the degree to which media coverage of a terrorist attack can affect the public and its perception of the terrorist group. Provide at least one (1) example of such media usage that supports your response.

2. Explain the various ways in which terrorists use the Internet to aid their terrorist activities. Evaluate the degree to which terrorists use the Internet to advance their cause. Provide at least one (1) example of such Internet usage that supports your response.

3. Describe the four (4) different force multipliers, from the text, that terrorists use. Evaluate the effectiveness of each of these force multipliers in contributing to the success of a terrorist attack. Justify your response.

4. Choose one of the four (4) force multipliers you described in the first part of this discussion and provide a specific example from an actual real-life terrorist attack that demonstrates the utilization of the force multiplier by a terrorist group. Assess the effectiveness of that terrorist group's use of the force multiplier in question. Justify your response.

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Reference no: EM13712467

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