Analyze the florentine codex and the annals of tlatelolco

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1-Imagine you are a historian, and the only existing sources of evidence regarding the conquest are documents from Indigenous sources. What can we conclude by analyzing the Florentine Codex, the Annals of Tlatelolco, as wellas the excerpts from Oaxaca and Yucatan that best describes the conquest from the perspective of the Indigenous population?

2-In 1844, U. S. President James K. Polk ran on a Democratic platform that supported manifest destiny. Manifest Destiny is the idea that Americans were predestined to occupy the entire North American continent. The last act of Polk's predecessor, John Tyler, had been to annex the Republic of Texas in 1845. Polk wanted to lay claim to California, New Mexico, and land near the disputed southern border of Texas. Mexico, however, was not so eager to let go of these territories. What ensued later is referred in the historical records as the Mexican American War. Examine the causes that precipitated the Mexican American War, as well as the end result of this conflict.

Reference no: EM13747132

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