Analyze the effect of balanced budget on budget

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Using Keynesian model and Classical model, analyzed the effect of balanced budget (when the government increases the government expenditure and tax by the same amount not to affect the government deficit) on output (Y), interest rate (r) and price level (P).

Reference no: EM13207024

Illustrate two policies could you use to reduce

Illustrate two policies could you use to reduce the total amount of emissions. Explain how would you decide what was the best level of emission reduction.

Natural rate of unemployment for the same reservation wage

i) If u is 15%, what is the reservation wage as determined by the wage setting equation? ii) What is the real wage? iii) Suppose the mark-up increases to 10%. What happens to

Producing various levels of output

An accountant for a car rental company was recently asked to report the firm's costs of producing various levels of output. The accountant knows that the most recent estimat

How would inflation be different if real income growth high

Suppose, instead of a constant velocity money demand function, the velocity of money in this economy was growing steadily because of financial innovation. How would that aff

Keynesian and classical views of wage

Keynesian thinking dominated US (and other developed-country) policy-making well into the 1970s, although the "classical" counter-arguments kept up a steady criticism:

Should the likely effects of the policy on real gdp be taken

The government is considering a policy to reduce air pollution by restricting the use of “dirty” fuels by factories. In deciding whether to implement the policy, how, if at al

Create a scatterplot with age on the horizontal axis

Create a scatterplot with age on the horizontal axis and the log of price on the vertical axis. Do older wines tend to sell for more than younger wines? Does an older wine a

What are automatic fiscal stabilizers

What are automatic fiscal stabilizers? How do these stabilizers stabilize real GDP in the face of AD and AS shocks?  What is the role of the simple multiplier [ 1/{1 - MPC(1


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