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You will turn in a final version of the 1200-1500 word critical essay about the three works, addressing the following bullet points. The goals of a critical essay are to evaluate and analyze the art works based on research, using the vocabulary and concepts you have learned. Your attitude should be detached. The "critical" aspect of the essay refers to this detached attitude, not whether you react positively or negatively to the works.

Compare the three works in terms of form, content, and subject matter. Using the terminology and concepts that you have learned in the course, explain the similarities and differences in the styles of the works and the context in which they were made.

Compare and contrast their aesthetic qualities and symbolic significance, as well as the artists' points of view. Your personal point of view that you have developed throughout the paper will be summarized here. As with the preceding three sections, you will write in your own words, supported by research.

Note: You are required to comply with APA style format throughout your essay including internal citation and a reference list. For additional information and resources on APA, visit the APA section of the Library, available under "Library Features."

Reference no: EM13209842

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